Tracks creation

Posted by RĂ©mi - June 11, 2019

One of our main inspirations for SRX features and positive reception by the public is of course TrackMania. And one of the key features of TrackMania that lead it to the top is for sure its tracks editor, easy-to-use but full of tools. We aim to provide the same experience in SRX.



We already are using our own track editor. It allows us to save time when creating new tracks or editing existing ones and offers a great number of essential tools for the public release of the editor including those :

  • The possibility to choose the environment
  • The checkpoints placement (position, rotation, order)
  • The choice between one-shot or looping tracks, including the lap number
  • The choice of the spawn location
  • The possibility to record reference times and their corresponding ghosts
  • Customizable track infos (name, difficulty, description, preview image)
  • The authorized or non-authorized vehicle categories for this track


We use the game development engine Unity for SRX and almost every project of the studio. Our intern track editor provides all kind of editing and creation tools inside Unity editor.
This would not be efficient and enjoyable for everybody and we are thus working on a standalone version which will allow users to create and edit tracks from within the game. The will require time, especially for the user interface where every interaction with the 3D world will be easy to understand and to use.



Place checkpoints wherever you wish inside an environment is good. Create and edit these environments is better!
The ability to place buildings, obstacles to better reflect the user experience you wanted to provide when you first imagined it, that's what we would like to offer.

Moreover, the fact that we do not need to care about a perfect ground path to follow would allow the editor to get rid of grid systems and merely precise placements, often limiting the creativity of the builder in some games.
We could define precisly the position, rotation, scale of every environment element.


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