Posted by RĂ©mi - May 07, 2020

b2.1 - Time Trial improvements (May 7, 2020)


[UI] Chat info :

-When a player improves his best time
-When a player improves his rank on the current track
-When a player improves his world ranking

[UI] Info text in Exploration mode explaining the skins earning
[Dev] Commands to get or set time left server-side


[Multi] Global performance improvements in all online games
[Multi] Time trial server maps pool are now ordered
[UI] Players in leaderboard are now sorted by best session time
[UI] The player can now display the leaderboard at the end of a race
[Vehicle Selection] Vehicle models in selection menu are now rotating to better visualise the model
[In-Game Content] All Windridge colliders have been reviewed and some objects have been slightly moved to enhance visual coherence
[In-Game Content] All Parking colliders have been reviewed


[Console] Removed some printed errors
[UI] Required actions to unlock Solo tracks were not properly displayed
[UI] Scoreboard is now closed when changing scene
[UI] Chat connection and disconnetion messages improved
[UI] When earning a new skin, the skin is no longer displayed in all future pop-ups

b2.0 - Online Time Trial Mode (April 21, 2020)


[Gameplay] Online Time Trial Mode :

-Player ranking on each track (server-independant)
-World Player ranking based on every finished track
-Independant track state for each player
-Server secured scores

[Gameplay] The player is now able to accelerate constently bu pushing the mouse forward
[Gameplay] Options to show or hide ghosts in Solo or Multi
[UI] New "Gameplay" tab in Options
[UI] The World ranking of the player is written in the main menu
[UI] Leaderboard now shows other players ranking in Time Trial mode
[Dev] New Steam commands


[In-Game Content] All Space Station colliders have been reviewed and some objects have been slightly moved to enhance visual coherence
[In-Game Content] All Urban colliders have been reviewed
[Tutorial] All inputs are now active by default / adapted track
[UX] Ghosts now save player skin
[UX] Ghosts trail color matches corresponding medal
[UX] When a track is locked, a pop-up now lists conditions to unlock it
[Sound] Progressively going to WWise for a more realistic and precise sounds, musics and effects handling
[Sound] Wind sound more consistent


[Camera] Hitting ceiling now corrects camera angle

b1.3 - Interfaces (February 26, 2020)


[UX] Player now receives a signal when earning a new object after collecting all corresponding blueprints (sound + pop-up)
[Inputs] New input to show multi leaderboard
[UI] Leaderboard when online
[UI] Color code indicating treasure rarity in Exploration mode
[UI] "News" panel in main menu
[UI] When another player is connecting or disconnecting, a message is printed in the bottom left corner
[Dev] Automated build and Steam publish system (huge amount of time saved when publishing a new update)
[Dev] New Steam commands to interact with player's inventory


[Gameplay] Some obstacles are removed in Time Trial mode
[Gameplay] Collisions now slow down the player without chaning his direction
[UX] When attempting to join a server launched with a different game version, an info pop-up is displayed
[UX] Launching tutorial now displays a confirmation pop-up
[UI] The server loading circle is now refreshing when switching tabs
[UI] The visual scene loader is now used when accepted on a server
[UI] Next menu preview buttons are less visible
[Dev] Update to Unity 2019.3


[UX] The joining progress circle is now removed if the player cannot join the server

b1.2 - Online Exploration Mode (February 09, 2020)


[Gameplay] Exploration mode:

-Dedicated servers for this mode
-Automatic environment switching according to a timer for each
-User interface when connected to a server

[Gameplay] Treasure hunting system :

-Blueprints system to get skins
-Each environment has at least 1 skin
-Treasures interface for connected players

[In-Game Content] Skins :

-Interceptor : New skin "Wildlands" replacing "White Stripes"
-Patroller : New skin "Shiny Black" replacing "Blue Grid"
-JetRanger : New skin "Holidays"

[UI] Panel information the state of the current multiplayers features


[Multi] Work on client side networking fluidity
[Multi] Player now spawns more smoothly
[UI] New environment previews
[UI] Steam friends panel size adjusted in main menu
[Dev] Automated medal count calculation (was in cache)
[Dev] Official servers security (the only ones able to give players items and modify their data)
[Dev] A player connecting directly through IP address is automatically kicked


[Gameplay] Player cannot move camera during vehicle selection anymore
[UX] Improved performances for low quality profiles
[UX] Tobble Back in a menu always shows the last menu
[UI] Somes times author medal was displayed without beating it.
[UI] Tutorial preview removed
[Sound] Tutorial launching sounds were removed
[Dev] Improvements and fixes for the Race System
[Dev] Improvements and fixes for the Networking

b1.1 - Networking Set Up (January 10, 2020)


[Dev] Possibility to send network messages to a specific client (data was global)
[Dev] Client-side ability to create servers (Not released yet)
[Dev] Setting up the Steam servers for the next update (first multiplayer mode)


[Dev] Update to Unity 2019.2
[Dev] New Steamworks API :

-Secure connection to servers
-Client info gathering (Avatar / Name, Steam status, Friends)
-Other players info gathering


[Gameplay] Added some missing colliders in Windridge

b1.0 - Steam Release (December 13, 2019)

Solo Campaign (Time Trial mode)
Local best times and ghosts recording
Tutorial for basic mechanisms
Mouse -Keyboard and Controllers handling
Ghost system for medals
Options : Audio, Video, Camera, Controls, Interface, Language

Episodes = 3
Tracks = 12
Environments = 4
Vehicle types = 8
Available skins = 16


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