Welcome to SRX's devblog!

Posted by RĂ©mi - April 30, 2019

Hello world!

Welcome to this blog which will allow you to follow the development of our game SRX.


SRX, what is it that it is ?

SRX means "Sky Racing Xperience", it's the first released game of our studio, Arokma.

It's an arcade game in which the player will pilot every kind of aerial vehicles, real or fictionnal in many game modes, alone or against others.

What is the purpose of this devblog ?

It will allow you to follow the game's advancement, current features and methods to create them. You will be able (actually you already can) to react to each post thanks to the comments section and help us go to the right direction with our ideas.

This will represent a source of feedback concergning our features and choices in order to match your ideas and desires for this game..

Additionnaly, the diligence needed for regular great-content publishing will force us to work harder and cleaner on every subject, garantying every post will be clear and understandable for everyone.


How we will proceed

Each member of the project owns an account on this devblog in order for him to expose his work whenever he wants to, without regular schedule but we aim to publish a minimum of one post a month in total.

Our methodology will lead us to publish either posts on specific subjects or global principles according to what the author is working on at the moment.

I see you soon for a special post about one of our current main topics, schedules (short-term, mid-term, long-term).

But who are you reading

I am Rémi, nice to meet you. Officially, I am Arokma's CEO. But in this project, I am simply part of the multi-disciplined developer, working maily on the global game design along with some works on audiovisual and technical tasks matching the current needs.


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