Setting up Steam version

Posted by RĂ©mi - July 18, 2019

Itch, it's over...?
Shortly after the a1.2 release, we reached 1000 downloads on the free demonstration version available on
It is time to ramp-up to Steam

The next release will be the full version and here are the main features we want to put in it:


Integrate our networking system

We have been developing it for many years now and it will allow us to set up our first secured game servers in which you will be able to play with the whole world and enjoy our new game modes.


Integrate Steamworks

In order to take advantage of the numerous services provided by the Steam platform on which we will release the game, we need to publish our application (SRX) on it and integrate in our project its SDK for the purposes of communicating with it. Thanks to that you can compare your records with your friends and the rest of the world, see their pseudo, avatar, invite them to join a game or unlock some achievements.


Set up the exploration game mode

You are not quite into racing and competition? You cannot fly your drone over the neighbour's house or the local park anymore? Here is a comforting news: the exploration mode is kicking in!
Explore wide areas, without being under the clock or pressure. Try and find the hidden secrets of those worlds.
Alone... or with friends.


Deploy Mac and Linux versions

Yeah, they are coming. Already operational. You will even be able to play online with your friends who do not share you Operation System ;)


Redesign menus, images and logos

We are glad to welcome Nathan in our small team, a young and promising artist. Go check his works on this Facebook page:

Nathan's page: Flodhast

He regrettably won't be with us for a long time as he is still a student but has already done beautiful things in a few days. (The following pictures are concept arts and may change or not appear in the final product)


Remake the solo mode through episodes

The global functionning of the solo mode has been completly overhauled.
It will now be organised in episodes, focusing on vehicles or specific themes. Each episode will match a vehicle category and thus a difficulty level and will gather multiple tracks. Every track in this episode will bring forward ghost medals recorded with vehicles within the linked category.
To unlock episodes and tracks, you will need to obtain a minimum number of medals in the previous tracks.


So, it really is over?

Not exactly. A demo version will be available on Steam. This same demo will be available on our page and will benefit updates according to the new content listed above.
However, its content won't be playable online with others and will be limited in terms of tracks and vehicles numbers. We will maintain the demo version up-to-date with corrections and available content in order to give a positive impression for potentially interested players.


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