Vehicle types

Posted by RĂ©mi - September 27, 2019

In the first releases of SRX, you would be able to fly mainly with two types of vehicles, quadcopter drones and helicopters.

But are they that different ?


Skin, Profile, Controller

Our current vehicle system is meant to be generic. Different sub-systems match different parts of each vehicle, so that we can define specific categories per race or skins per user if he unlocked them for instance. We wanted to separate those parts in order to modify visual parts for instance without the risk of modifying the physics behaviour or the way the user interacts with the vehicle.

We thus split up the visual part of a vehicle (the 3D model and its materials) from its data (speed, weight, acceleration, etc,...), the whole thing manipulated by a controller thanks to the user inputs and using the vehicle data to define the final behaviour.

In our project, the data is represented by profiles. A profile will be selected at the beginning of each race by the player. Each profile matches a difficulty and contains a few vehicles. They are depicted by an icon globally representative of the contained vehicles and sorted by color.

Green = Easy

Orange = Medium

Red = Hard

A common controller for multiple profiles

Let's guess what defines the global behaviour of an helicopter :

  • When putting the gas, it is propelled upwards
  • When targeting a specific direction, propellers power are adjusted to lean towards the chosen direction
  • It can rotate around itself mathcing the axis perpendicular to the gorund

Now, let's guess the global behaviour of a quadcopter drone... You will note that those three points concerning the helicopter can be applied to our drone (quadcopter once again).

Conclusion: They can share the same controller and will be differentiated by each vehicle data.

The visuals = the skin

Each vehicle will benefit numerous versions or "skins". The separating of the visuals from the data easily permits to link some properties to a helicopter, not yet visually represented. We will be able to provide some visual modifications to that helicopter and to define a few looks, all referenced by the same profile.

Therefore, it will be very easy for us to add skins for already existing vehicles.


New vehicles ?

We would like to benefit from this system to add new vehicles throughout the development.

That includes new controllers, matching new physical behaviours.
We can imagine vehicles propelled forward like spaceships.

Reminder: we do not consider the vehicle behaviours realistic . There are enough simulations on the market and it seems to us thaht exploring those vehicles under an arcade and fun experience would provide a breath of fresh air to the driving games genra.


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